Staging for Hire
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Staging for Hire

Need a temporary STAGING solution that protects your equipment and people from the elements?

Layher Keder Roof System:
After a trip through to the Layher plant factory in Germany in early 2019, we have invested in a Layher Keder Roof system to provide another arm to our scaffolding operations. The Layher Keder Roof System, is constructed from lightweight aluminium and is a robust, portable and temporary weather protection system which can be used in residential, commercial and eventing projects.

With the option of constructing a mono or double pitched roof, we can span up to 18m wide and 24m deep. The PVC roof and wall tarpaulins are then inserted safely (by being pulled through a track) and removes the need for us to work on top of the structure. These roof and wall tarpaulins are environmentally friendly, as they are reusable and reduce the need for 'single-use' shrink wrap plastic sheeting.

Layher Staging System:
Incorporated with the Layher Keder Roof System addition, we have also invested in a Layher Staging System which we can erect in modules of 2.5m x 2m up to a total stage area of 240m². The stage decks are constructed from engineered aluminium framing with non-slip plywood panels which means they are lightweight, strong and fast to setup/pack down and easy to reconfigure (if needed).  

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At Peninsula Scaffolding we offer a variety of scaffolding systems to assist your project including the traditional tube and clip system, Layher system and the ‘H’ frame (timber planks) systems which gives us the ability to undertake any job.
Shrink Wrap

Shrink Wrap

When you are looking for a solution to keep your work site dry – Shrink wrapping could just be the answer. While the initial cost might seem high, the time saving and ability to keep the internal areas of your structure dry and protected soon over takes the costs associated with the erection of the shrink wrapping.



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