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Are you aware that you, as the land owner/contractor, are
responsible for the safety of all people on your site?

In effect you become the head contractor and therefore the site safety is your responsibility. Scaffolding is crucial to not only ensuring the safety of all people onsite but helping tradesmen operate more efficiently, speeding up construction.
Peninsula Scaffolding Ltd can help with providing safe and fit for purpose scaffolding.  We build all our scaffolding to what best suits the builders & sub-contractors - Not what is easiest for the scaffolders!
And we take seriously our legal obligation to ensure this scaffolding is safe, the entire time it is on your site.
We are required, under the Health & Safety at Work Act 2015, to manage any risks to our workers and any other person that may be affected by their work.
This means that hazards must be identified, assessed, controlled and monitored. Peninsula Scaffolding Ltd undertake a comprehensive pre-handover check process, before officially handing the scaffold over to the client.  We then undertake a weekly inspection sign-off process, of every erected scaffold.

  • We check if any scaffold components have been adjusted or removed since we last were on site. Can these be safely returned to allow the "Scaffold Safe" tag to remain, or does the tag need to be removed, until the scaffold components are reinstated in a safe manner?
  • We ensure scaffold is secure
  • We check there are sufficient access ladders, and that they are secure
  • Any non-erected scaffold to remain on site should be held secure in one central place
  • We complete a full walk-around of the site to identify any loose pieces of scaffold in the structure or surrounds
  • And finally check the Aculog tag and card are completed as a record of this check, and secured to the scaffold
We have a fully qualified and competent staff member undertaking these weekly checks, and should scaffold not meet inspection requirements or be found to be incomplete or altered, immediate remedial work can be undertaken to ensure a safe scaffold before they leaves site.

See the link below for more information about our scaffolding range and capabilites or Contact us for a free no-obligation quote.



At Peninsula Scaffolding we offer a variety of scaffolding systems to assist your project including the traditional tube and clip system, Layher system and the ‘H’ frame (timber planks) systems which gives us the ability to undertake any job.
Shrink Wrap

Shrink Wrap

When you are looking for a solution to keep your work site dry – Shrink wrapping could just be the answer. While the initial cost might seem high, the time saving and ability to keep the internal areas of your structure dry and protected soon over takes the costs associated with the erection of the shrink wrapping.
Staging for Hire

Staging for Hire

The Layher Keder Roof System, constructed from lightweight aluminium, is a robust, temporary weather protection system for a variety of eventing options. Incorporated with the Layher Keder Roof System addition, we have also invested in a Layher Staging System which we can erect in modules of 2.5m x 2m up to a total stage area of 240m².



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