4 Key Signs your Roof could need some TLC

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Is your ROOF showing any of these signs?


Check your roofline; if it sags you may have a long-term leak or structural problem. Whilst up there look for missing shingles, cracked tiles, or dented long-run metal sheets as any of these can result in serious leaks and damages. The Peninsula’s changing temperatures and proximity to the beach, coupled with the high winds means roofs on the Coromandel are notorious for higher than normal levels of wear and tear and often require more heavy duty products.
If you have access into your ceiling, climb up into your attic after heavy rain and look for dark water stains on the rafters and insulation. When up there, look for these signs; stains, leaks, moisture on rafters and interior ceiling and wall damage.
Check for lichen & moss regularly to avoid damage to the surface of your roof. In certain locations due to humidity or the proximity to trees, shrubs or the beach, lichen & moss may grow on your roof. If left unchecked this may damage the surface coating. Moss can grow on most roofs causing damage to paint or roof coatings. In addition, moss roots also can work their way into a roof & cause permanent damage. Lichen grows in damp, shaded areas causing rot & deterioration. Trees & bushes should be trimmed away from homes & buildings to eliminate damp, shaded areas, & gutters should always be kept clean to ensure good drainage.
Quite a lot of the apparent roof leaks we get called out to fix are in fact flashing leaks. Good, tight flashings around chimneys, vents, skylights and wall/roof joins can prevent water from entering a home or building and cause damage to walls, ceilings, insulation and electrical systems.

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