3 Things to consider before your next project


Richard_Vetter_2.jpg1.    Experience/Size of Company
How long have they been in business and do they have the manpower to get the job done when they say they can? What training has their staff undertaken? Are they qualified and ticketed scaffolders? What jobs have they done in the past? Does the company guarantee their workmanship?

2.    What products are best for your situation?
What scaffolding system is the right one for the job? Do they have a good range of products suitable for your environmental conditions? Does it meet all the building requirements and codes? What size flashings are needed for the NZ building regulations? Do they simply nail the roof down or screw it down?

3.    What does the quote include?
Does it include removal of any rubbish from the site? Do I need to pay a deposit? What underlay do I require? Is scaffolding included in the quote? What time frame does the quote allow for? Does the quote allow for new flashings, scaffolding, spouting or waterproofing?


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