Are you sure your roof has enough life left in it to survive another year?  

When selecting a new roof or re-roofing your home or business you have a variety of different product options to choose from. From long–run iron in a variety of profiles and colours through to asphalt shingles and Gerard painted or textured metal tiles.
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How confident are you that your next project is going to be safe and compliant?

Scaffolding is crucial to not only ensuring the safety of all people onsite but also helps tradesmen operate more efficiently by speeding up the overall construction process. At Peninsula Scaffolding we have a variety of scaffolding systems available.
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Stop leaking and dampness in your home or business!

Many people think waterproofing is just limited to flat roofs. Peninsula Roofing has one of the biggest range of waterproofing options for you to choose form on the Coromandel - including roofs, decks, internal box gutters and underground basement tanking.
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Don’t forget to get your Downpipes and Spouting sorted!

We offer both metal and PVC spouting and downpipes in a variety of profiles and colours. Our spouting is often a thicker gauge than many other companies and we can offer a solution to stop your spouting from becoming blocked by leaves and debris.
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Do you have a large area that needs temporary covering and protection from the elements?

Don’t shell our hundreds of dollars for a tarpaulin when you only need it here & there & the specifications for the job are always changing. One size does not fit all so why not hire what you need when you need it for just a few dollars a day.
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Looking for Temporary Fencing for your next project or event??

Typical uses for our fences include construction sites, excavation sites and special events. Temporary fences are usually hired on a per metre per month basis but we are flexible with the term of hireage for each specific job.
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3 Things to consider before your next project!

1. Experience/Size of Company
2. What products are best for your situation?
3. What does the quote include? 

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Our 5 year warranty on all workmanship

At Peninsula Roofing we always stand by our work & guarantee it. Thats why we offer a 5 year warranty on all our roofing & cladding work.

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Hows about some FREE product samples?

We are more than happy to arrange for some FREE product samples for you to ensure you get the best and most suitable product for your next roof.

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Well, we have a great product!  GutterFoam and GuttaFilta ™are made from open cell (reticulated) polyether polyurethane foam that has Ultra Violet absorbers and moss and mould inhibitors.  They sit snugly into any spouting without any nails, screws or tapes and are an efficient leaf filter that really works!

GuttaFilta™ is the solution to prevent blocked spouting in situations where you are collecting rain water for human consumption and GutterFoam is suitable for installation in spouting that collects water that is not required for human consumption.

GutterFoam and GuttaFilita™ is the perfect solution to keeping your spouting free of debris!

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The Licensed Building Practitioner logo confirms for consumers that the building practitioners they are engaging have been assessed as technically competent in their licensed field.

To retain their licence, an LBP is also to provide the Department with a record of training and activities such as reading industry publications or attending seminars they have undertaken as a means to ensure that their knowledge of their trade stays current in order to retain their licence.

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